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BCN Sensual Family

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BCN Sensual as a registered trademark, we are a company that organizes events and parties in Barcelona, linked to Latin and African dances such as bachata, salsa, kizomba, semba, zouk, lambazouk....Throughout the year, we offer a weekly party every Thursday as well as several events that you can check in our calendar of parties and festivals.

The BCN Sensual project was born in 2015 by the creators Frank Santos and Toni Granados due to the need to promote dance in Barcelona, especially bachata. We encourage social dancing so that everyone can learn and enjoy in each of the sessions we organize.

In 2021 after an unexpected pandemic the Bcn Sensual team divides forces in such a way that we can promote the dance locally, nationally, globally...

Frank Santos on one side and on the other Toni Granados with the firm BCN Sensual Family starts a new project in February 2021 with a new format of events adapted to the situation created by COVID.

With big projects, goals and illusions to rebuild everything that was forgotten in the year 2020/2021...

The BCN Sensual Family grows every second with new horizons to be created by all of us.

Let's write a new episode of all our lives, yours

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Mar 9
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BCN Sensual Family's Philosophy

What do we want you to live through in all our events?
BCN Sensual Family's Philosophy

BCN Sensual created in 2016 with the main objective of creating a family, growing, in order to learn and enjoy dancing. In addition to promote, bet and encourage amateur dancers who want to succeed professionally in the world of dance.

We work with national and international dancers to offer our audience, the highest quality and professionalism in workshops, as in the Master Class, as in the shows they perform.

We create with our audience and collaborators, a relationship of trust, family, friendship, sensuality, dance, madness ... all the necessary requirements to live life with joy.

In the year 2021 and after an unexpected pandemic, the two components and organizers of BCN Sensual divide forces to promote the dance at local, national and global level...

One of the parts BCN Sensual Family starts the activity of micro events in February 2021 adapting the format to the situation required by the relevant health authorities of the moment.

From this point begins a new episode, chapter, direction of our lives in... love of dance and doing what we love most in this life; enhancing and increasing the volume of attendees and family as much as possible.

BCN Sensual Family enters a new path where we will try to bring all our strength and illusions in promoting dance worldwide, especially Bachata.

The BCN Sensual Family grows by the second, be part of it.

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